Company Profile

Years of experience of successfully handling of manufacturing, exporting and trading business of different foodstuffs, be the inspiration to create an awareness about the healthy salt option, providing highly pure, FINOM Himalayan rock salt. This highly pure, chemical free salt is preferred in India & worldwide for its optimum quality. Scores of health benefits of this purest pink salt motivate people to switch over from regular table salt to Himalayan rock salt in India & abroad.

Quality Assurance

The ‘FINOM’ Himalayan salt is provided with assurance of quality and product safety. Moreover clients can avail ‘FINOM’ salt as per their requirement of different packaging options.

We go extra mile to sustain quality of free flowing Himalayan rock salt. This natural salt contains 84 essential minerals.

Efficient Manpower

Well managed automated conveniences keep an eye on all the operations. Every step of Journey of product from procurement to dispatch is monitored by well trained, qualified supervisors to ensure about the product quality.

Advanced Infrastructure

The most modern amenities for storage, packaging and dispatching of the product help us to maintain the quality of this purest salt on planet. A well established network of distributors in India has granted us ability to make reach this healthy salt option with competitive price. Our ethical and transparent business policies have facilitate ‘FINOM’ to be a leading brand of Himalayan salt in India.